If you’re planning to purchase a pistol, you may not know exactly which one is most suitable for your needs just yet. Our best advice? Don’t listen to your friend who swears that Glock is superior to Sig Sauer or vice versa. Instead, check out our tips for selecting the best pistol for your needs.

Evaluate Size

You’ll want to consider the size of the pistol very early on in your search. The size you choose should be closely linked to the purpose you want the gun to fulfill. If you want a pistol to simply get into the hobby, choosing a larger pistol will benefit you because of the added weight and reduced recoil. On the other hand, a subcompact pistol will likely be the favorable choice for concealed carrying. When selecting the size of your pistol, be sure to also consider the size of the actual grip. Many novice shooters choose the tiniest pistol they can find, only to discover they can barely manage the recoil or wrap their hands around it.

Consider Your Experience

Size isn’t the only factor you should consider when choosing your new pistol. Let’s assume you are looking to get your CCW permit and you’ve never shot a pistol before. You may naturally gravitate toward a sub-compact pistol because of its portability. In this scenario however, it may actually make more sense to start with a compact or full-size pistol to really get the fundamentals of shooting down before moving to the smaller size.

Try Before You Buy

You may think you have a pretty good idea about which pistol you want to buy, and you may have made the perfect choice. However, we strongly recommend trying it before buying just to confirm it’s the gun for you. Each gun has a unique feeling in the hand, and characteristics like the feeling of the trigger can make a huge difference when it comes to shooting accurately and comfortably.

If you have the means to rent a variety of pistols or borrow some from friends, you should absolutely do it. Certain pistols may catch you by surprise and be the perfect match for you. It happens all the time! Our collection of pistols at Soteria Training Academy is ever-growing, so we are happy to let our trainees try any specific pistol they’ve been itching to get their hands on.

Expert Pistol Training and Purchasing Advice from Soteria Training Academy

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