Whether you are a seasoned shooter or just got into the hobby recently, you’re probably familiar with the classic debate surrounding keeping a pistol on a nightstand versus locking it up in a safe. Ultimately, this is each individual’s choice to make, but we have some advice to help you make the best choice possible for your situation.

The Case for Keeping a Pistol on the Nightstand

Most people would agree that parents of very young children should absolutely not store their pistol on a nightstand. During early childhood, a child simply cannot be held responsible for keeping themselves safe from a lethal weapon.  As children get older, gun owners often become more open to storing their pistol on the nightstand, however. They typically use the logic that older children who are taught the importance of gun responsibility earlier in life will be safe from any potential accidents. This makes sense on paper, but there are still arguments against this logic that you should consider.

The Case Against Keeping a Pistol on the Nightstand

Even if you school your children on the importance of gun safety from a very young age, does that guarantee that they will never make a mistake? The answer is no. Accidents can and do happen all the time. Even if your child never makes a mistake, what if one of their friends does?

What we can say is that these accidents cannot happen if the pistol is stored inside of a quick access safe. While it may take an extra second or two to grab your pistol, that is a compromise that we believe is worth making.

What if Children Will Never Enter My Home?

If there is no possibility that children will be in your home, you may be a little more open to keeping your pistol on your nightstand. Still, it’s worth weighing availability and safety when making this decision. Ultimately, the role of a safe is to keep a weapon out of anyone’s hands except its owner and prevent damage. Even a small quick access safe will protect your pistol from theft or potential damage. Is that extra safety worth the few seconds it takes to ready the pistol when needed? Again, this is up to each individual. However, it is our belief that any pistol owner can benefit from storing their weapon in a safe.

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