Even if you just scored a 100% on your state required CCW test, chances are there are some things you can improve on in order to become a better shooter. Don’t worry, these tips will help you ascend from newbie status and keep you safe along the way

Muzzle Awareness

Handling your gun with respect is paramount. When you watch experienced shooters handle their pistol, they tend to have an awareness of where their muzzle is pointed at all times. To replicate this, all of your movements should be confident and precise when drawing, readying and holstering your pistol. Keeping your focus up even after you fire an entire magazine is a great habit to develop.

Brushing Up on Vocabulary

This is a minor tip that won’t help you dial in your accuracy or improve your reload time, but it will help you shed that aura that you just got into shooting recently. Here are some of the common shooting vocabulary mistakes we tend to run into from beginners at the range. When you are filling up a magazine (not a clip), you’re putting rounds in it. New shooters will often ask for more bullets, but bullets are just the part of the round that gets sent downrange, while the shell exits the rear of the pistol. There’s a lot of vocabulary in this hobby, so don’t feel intimidated or afraid to ask for clarification!

Proper Grip

The way you grip a pistol can be an instant giveaway of your experience level. Here are a few of the most common rookie mistakes you should be sure to avoid when practicing shooting:

  • Cup and saucer – Supporting hand acts as a resting surface for dominant hand at the base of the pistol.
  • Thumb placement – Holding down one thumb with this other OR keeping both thumbs off the weapon.
  • Gripping too low – Your hand should be firmly against the beaver tail of your pistol for maximum recoil management.


The most common stance mistakes we see are locked knees and failure to lean forward. Both of these errors will hinder your ability as a shooter. If you find yourself standing up straight or even leaning backward while firing, you should try to kick that habit as soon as possible. Leaning slightly forward will keep you much more balanced, help you manage recoil and give you the appearance that you are prepared to defend yourself.

Expert Pistol Training from Soteria Training Academy

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