After our trainees pass their CCW test, we encourage each of them to start exploring carry methods and positions. The first position and holster you try may not be the perfect setup that you expected it to be, and it’s worth continuing your search until you find a configuration that you are one hundred percent happy with. Check out our tips for selecting the perfect wear and carry configuration!

Strong Side Carry

Strong side carriers keep their holster at their hip on the same side of their body as their dominant hand. With that easy access, it is considered to be one of the safest and most tactically advantageous carrying positions. This is why most law enforcement uses strong side carry.

Of course, police officers don’t have to actually conceal their pistols, which makes strong side carrying a much more viable option for them. One of the disadvantages of the position is that it’s not always easy to conceal a pistol right on your hip bone. If you decide to try strong side carrying, we recommend trying an inner waist band holster for easier concealment.

Appendix Carry

Appendix carriers keep their pistol on the front of their body, right next to their belly button. More obvious carrying positions can create potential opportunities for attackers to try to unholster pistols. If you choose appendix carry, you can be nearly certain that you will be the only person ever trying to unholster your pistol.

Perhaps an even greater advantage is the fact that appendix carry allows you to easily draw their pistol regardless of your position. Even if you are in fetal position to protect yourself from an attack, you can still access your pistol. 

Small of Back

If you’re looking for the comfiest carrying position for most carriers, look no further. Carrying your pistol in the small of your back (or just off center from the small of your back) generally feels comfortable whether you’re seated, standing or moving. The main disadvantage here is that you’ll have to avoid bending your back when crouching, as the pistol will easily be revealed if you bend down normally.

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