When you first had the idea to get your CCW permit, you probably weren’t considering how it might potentially impact your bathroom breaks. We don’t blame you for that! This is something worth thinking about for both safety and convenience reasons, however. With that being said, lets jump into some tips to help you optimize your restroom experience as a concealed carrier.

Don’t Unholster the Pistol

During your first restroom trip as a concealed carrier, you will probably be more conscious of the weight of your pistol than ever before. Even still, if the weight of your pistol is making your bathroom experience less than convenient and you would like it to be out of your way, make sure you remove the entire holster. There is no reason to ever unholster your pistol in public unless there is a direct threat present.

Only Place Your (Holstered) Pistol in Areas Within Your Control

If it is absolutely necessary for you to take your holster off during a bathroom break, don’t just set it down in the first spot you think of for the sake of speed and convenience. The last thing you’d want is to forget your pistol on your way out because it was out of sight and out of mind.

People forget bags and personal items all the time in bathrooms and keeping the gun on your body means you won’t walk out without it.

Choose the Setting Carefully

You don’t exactly have control over the configuration of a public bathroom, but there are a few things you should look out for when possible. Choosing a one-person bathroom is always ideal because you’ll have a lot more freedom when removing your holster. Stalls with open bottoms, on the other hand, can make it quite hard to keep the pistol hidden at all times. Since your holster may be visible during your bathroom trip, you’ll also want to confirm that the door lock is functional.

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