The FBI estimates the break-ins occur in the United States once every 26 seconds. Even if you have a security system, there is always a chance that an intruder will make it into your home. If they do, owning a pistol is not enough to guarantee your safety. Instead, check out our tactics and strategies for home carrying and defense.

Quick Access Safes

There is a case for carrying your pistol at all times, so you can be ready for nearly any break-in situation. However, if you’d rather put your firearm away at home, quick access safes are a great way to store it. With quick access safe, you can be sure that your firearm is secure and easy to access in case of an emergency. Besides storing your pistol, it also makes sense to be fully prepared with a spare magazine, a flashlight and a knife.  

Always Lock the Doors

This advice may seem a bit trivial, but it’s more about keeping your guard up than it is about physically locking your doors. Necessary security measures like closing and locking your car and garage doors make all the difference in preventing break-ins. Burglaries are typically planned crimes, so the key is to make your home unattractive to threats at all times and give them a chance to think twice before attempting to plan a breach into your home. Simply being inside your home does not mean you are safe. Burglars are very creative and will take advantage of any security deficiencies you present them, including using your garage remote from your unlocked car to open your garage.

Routine Checks

If you are skeptical that suspicious activity may have occurred while you were away from home, there are several things you can do to ensure you are safe before letting your guard down. Start by checking if there are any unfamiliar vehicles at your home or parked near the surrounding area as you approach your home. Moreover, keep an eye out for anything at all that seems out of the ordinary. The last thing you want is for a home burglary to turn into a home invasion because you walked into an ongoing breach that could have been detected sooner.

Increase Your Home Readiness with Soteria Training Academy

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