With break-ins occurring in the United States every 26 seconds, it’s clear that homeowners have to go above and beyond if they genuinely want to protect their property and loved ones. This second part of our home readiness series offers tips for creating a break-in response plan that adheres to Maryland’s specific laws and keeps all household members safe from accidental harm.

Envisioning Scenarios

If you have a firearm in your home as a means of protection, you’ll want to make sure you are prepared for scenarios you may likely have to face in the event of a break-in. Be sure to keep in mind that bullets will travel very quickly through the walls of a home. As such, knowing what is beyond your target will be crucial in creating a home defense strategy that keeps all of your home’s inhabitants safe. You can (and should) choose hollow points rounds for indoor use because of their reduced ability to cut through walls compared to full metal jackets. However, even hollow point rounds can travel through walls, so don’t disregard that possibility altogether if you pick up a box for your home.

Dialing 911

Naturally, you should strive to call 911 as soon as possible if you suspect a home invasion is taking place. Be sure to have your phone in accessible locations to make this possible. Of course, you won’t always have your phone on you, which is why it’s crucial to ensure each family member knows how to dial 911. Once the police arrive, you will also want to have a response in place that allows police to enter your home without unnecessary delays.

Meeting Up

If the home is invaded, having an agreed-upon room to meet in is a great idea for multiple reasons. For starters, if all of your household is in one room together, the risk of accidentally striking someone through a wall with a bullet goes down drastically. You’ll also be able to barricade the room together and ensure someone has dialed 911. If you aren’t able to diffuse the situation, fleeing the home altogether may be necessary as well. Predetermining a neighbor’s house to meet at can save you and your family a lot of confusion and fear during this high adrenaline situation.

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