Trying to select the perfect pistol to carry fresh after getting your CCW permit can be quite tricky. There are many options out there, each with their own unique characteristics and subtleties. We hope to make your search a little easier with our concealed carrying guide.

What Characteristics Should My Pistol Have?

Opinions on this question vary, but here is a list of what we believe a carry gun needs to have:

  • Small enough to easily conceal when dressed normally
  • Not so small that it doesn’t comfortably fit in your hands
  • 10+ round capacity
  • A comfortable, consistent trigger press
  • A caliber large enough to stop a threat, but not so large that handling the firearm is difficult (we find that 9mm offers the best balance here)

Now let’s check out some of the industry favorites, each of which checks all the boxes on our list above.

Our Favorite Guns for Concealed Carrying

Sig Sauer P365

This pistol was legitimately a game-changer when it was released. Its micro-compact, meaning you’ll be able to conceal it with ease, yet it handles excellently and still manages to have a 10+1 9mm round capacity. At the time of its release, that was unheard of.

Sig Sauer P365 XL

The P365XL is simply a revised, larger version of the P365. The notable changes are the longer grip (with 12+1 capacity), slightly longer barrel and an upgraded flat trigger. As a cherry on top, the 365XL also accepts slide-mounted red dot sights. 

Glock 43x

When Sig Sauer released the P365, Glock quickly got back to the drawing board with this rebuttal. This gun is heavily based on the Glock 43, just with a slightly longer grip to accommodate 10 rounds instead of the original 6.

Springfield Hellcat

The Hellcat is a very worthy competitor to the G43x and the Sig Sauer P365. The crisp trigger, comfortable grip and 11+2 round capacity put this gun in the conversation for the best micro-compact pistol.

Glock 19

If a micro-compact pistol doesn’t feel comfortable in your hands, or if you find the recoil difficult to manage, you can’t go wrong with the Glock 19. This pistol is light enough and compact enough to easily carry, yet it still handles well enough to qualify as a service pistol.

Sig Sauer P320 Compact

The P320 compact is a direct competitor to the Glock 19, so you can expect similar weight, performance and concealability. There is no wrong choice between the P320 compact and the Glock 19, so you should really just try them both and make the call yourself.

Glock 48

The Glock 48 effectively takes some characteristics from the G19 and the G43x and combines them into one pistol. The G48 is built on the same platform as the G43x, meaning it is a single stack. However, the barrel length is boosted to 4.17″, making it similar in size to the G19. This pistol really strikes a great balance between concealability, accuracy and recoil management.

Don’t Take Our Word For it! Come Try These Concealed Carry Options Yourself!

This list is sorted in no particular order. In truth, it would be silly to name any of them as the undisputed best pistol to carry. Each has unique characteristics, and it’s best to try out a hand full of options before moving forward with your purchase. Book your own private session with Soteria Training Academy to get access to each of the pistols listed in this blog! If you have any questions, contact us today by visiting our website, or call us at (410) 216-3176 to learn more.