Picture this: You wake up on the day you planned to get out to the range and get in some training, but then you look out the window. The weather seems less than ideal. Maybe it’s cold and raining, or it’s windy, and there’s still snow on the ground. Most would postpone their session for another day when the weather clears up, but what they don’t know is that training in adverse conditions is actually perfect for gaining valuable experience.

Dressing for Training in Adverse Conditions

When you’re planning on training in adverse weather, make sure you are appropriately dressed. This is necessary to keep you safe, but it also allows you to train while wearing different kinds of gear. For example, if it’s cold, you’ll have a hat to keep your head warm and gloves of some sort to prevent frostbite. Your jacket could be light or have heavier padding that makes maneuvering difficult, depending on the conditions.

Training Is Key To Thorough Preparation

Training in adverse conditions can help one get accustomed to how they would need to react in situations that aren’t ideal for shooting. It is necessary to figure out any possible accommodations you may need to make beforehand. Clothing could be a hindrance, such as a heavier coat making it more difficult to draw your firearm or gloves that could impair hand dexterity. Weather conditions such as rain could also present problems, such as making it harder to get a hold of your firearm. The more you practice in these conditions, the more you get used to it and the easier it will be for you to react quickly if a dangerous situation arises.

Try not to let bad weather discourage you from continuing your training. Use it as a learning exercise and that advantage of the opportunity to practice different techniques. This will make your firearm education more well-rounded, and it will give you the tools to be prepared no matter the situation you may find yourself in.

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