When searching for the perfect gun belt, you may be wondering what specific features you should be on the lookout for. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking any gun belt will do, but the choice you make is imperative to holding, securing and drawing your firearm. The characteristics of each gun belt vary, so pay attention to the details as you shop around. Quality should be the number one priority, but ultimately it comes down to preference, fit and your own comfort level.

Material Type

The first thing you want to consider is the material of your gun belt. In most cases, you’ll be choosing between nylon and leather. Both are solid options, but above all the strength of the material is the number one indicator of a quality gun belt. Is the nylon reinforced, is it designed for heavy use and tension? Is the leather thick enough to sustain weight? Is it single or double-layer? Gun belts are designed to be sturdier than a normal belt, and they should be able to hold holsters, magazines and the firearms themselves. When you shop, feel the material in your hands and test it for strength. If you’re making a purchase online, read the specifications closely.


A gun belt should never sag. Even minimal weight can cause an average belt to slump or slide around, and when you need access to your firearm this can trigger a hazardous situation. A quality gun belt should be tough and securely fitted to your waist. Again, it is highly important to know the exact specifications of your gun belt: are there added steel inserts to reinforce the stiffness of the material? Ideally, it should be rigid enough to stay in place throughout the day without becoming a nuisance.

The Buckle

While it may not seem as important as the durability of the material itself, the buckle is what holds the whole piece together. Overall, which buckle you choose depends on your specific needs. For more casual, day-to-day wear, a metal buckle might be enough to do the trick. How you carry your firearm is a consideration as well. For appendix carry, you might choose a buckle smaller in size that doesn’t get in the way of your holster. A gun belt with a military slide or a micro-adjustable option may be the most effective choice for you due to flexibility. The most essential tip for finding a quality gun belt is this: know yourself and what you need to feel secure.

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