Concealed carrying doesn’t have to be uncomfortable or difficult. While its normal to feel a little uncomfortable as you get used to carrying a gun, this feeling should subside the more you carry. If it doesn’t, and you constantly feel discomfort as you go throughout your day, there are a few things you can do to address the discomfort and improve your day-to-day as a concealed carrier.

Choose the Right Holster

If you are using a cheap, nylon holster, we highly recommend upgrading to a better solution.  Regardless of your preferred carrying position, we highly recommend seeking out a well-made kydex holster specifically designed for your pistol. Not only will these feel more comfortable, they are also musch safer, allow for sufficient retention, and stay firmly secured to your belt.

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Choose the Right Belt

Put simply, normal belts are not made for concealed carrying and it usually shows. If your gun shifts around throughout the day, its likely time to choose a belt specifically designed with the rigidity necessary for concealed carrying. These days, it’s easy to find concealed carry belts that match your normal style and keep your pistol feeling balanced and secure.

Getting the Wardrobe Right

If you are confident you already have the right belt and holster, it may be time to make some wardrobe changes. For starters, we highly recommend wearing a thin undershirt with any outfit. The feeling of a pistol rubbing against your bare skin will get old very quickly, and even a thin undershirt should provide an instant fix. From there, it may be time to look at the pants in your wardrobe. Bottom line, you may need more room in your pants. A pistol and holster, no matter how small, should add between 1.2 to 1.6 inches to the waistline. As such, it’s safest to buy a size up when choosing pants. Moreover, pants with a waistband made of stretchy material have more room for inside waistband concealed carrying. Don’t feel pressured to overhaul your wardrobe completely. Instead, gradually buy pants over time that function best for concealed carry and see if they help your overall day-to-day comfort.

Improve Your Shooting Skill Set with Soteria Training Academy

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