When we set out to write this blog, we initially planned to cover immediate responder skills that CCW permit holders or individuals interested in hobby shooting should know. However, while each of these responder skills could reasonably be required in a situation involving firearms, there are a host of non-firearm related injuries that could also require their utilization. So, let’s go over four immediate responder skills that everyone should have.

Bleeding Control

Massive bleeding is the number one cause of preventable deaths and is responsible for 35% of all pre-hospital deaths. With that in mind, we believe that everyone who plans to carry a firearm should be equipped with tourniquet application and wound packing skills. That’s why we offer Stop The Bleed training and certification free of charge in our Ultimate CCW Package.

Of course, CCW’ers aren’t the only people who should be trained to intervene when potentially life-threatening bleeding is taking place. Regardless of the cause of injury, Stop The Bleed training empowers bystanders to recognize life threatening bleeding and intervene decisively, rather than letting time tick away when every second counts.


Just like Stop The Bleed, CPR training is all about giving trainees the knowledge and training to intervene during emergency situations rather than waiting for emergency services to arrive. If CPR is performed within the first few minutes of cardiac arrest, survival rates can double or even triple.  Most public places have an AED mounted for public use in case of emergency, and these devices can also play a critical role in making saves. If AED defibrillations are administered within 3-5 minutes of cardiac arrest taking place, the device can help the heart maintain the necessary rhythm until help arrives.  

First Aid

Not every injury is as serious as traumatic bleeding or cardiac arrest, but its still worth refreshing your first aid skills in the event of an emergency. In our first aid training courses, we present a variety of realistic situations and outline the proper first aid responses. Critically, we also take the time to give tips for fully stocking your own trauma kit as well as a communal trauma kit for easy access in your home or workplace.

Develop Critical Immediate Responder Skills with Soteria Training Academy

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