If you are searching for a pistol for daily carrying or home protection, the caliber of the firearm will be among the first choices you make. While 9mm is a popular favorite because of its nice balance of power, capacity, and reasonable recoil, that doesn’t necessarily make it the best choice for everyone. We’ve had plenty of trainees complete our HQL course and Ultimate MD CCW course with their .22LR pistols.  Here’s why some shooters may be better suited for the caliber.

Reduced Recoil

While .22LR delivers notably less stopping power than 9mm rounds, the caliber also delivers very mild recoil to the shooter. This makes .22LR a solid choice for those with physical limitations like arthritis, tendinitis, or diminished grip strength.

More Affordable Ammunition

.22LR is generally available at several cents cheaper per round compared to larger options. While we don’t recommend choosing it as your self-defense weapon strictly to save money on ammo, it could be a nice benefit it you are better suited for .22LR anyway.

We’ve also come across shooters who use their .22LR as a dedicated training pistol. If you choose a .22LR pistol with an identical firearm that is chambered with a larger caliber, you will be able to save money on training rounds while still getting in valuable practice.

How Significant are .22LR Stopping Power Concerns?

You may have come across concerns that .22LR isn’t powerful enough to rely on for personal defense. It is true that .22LR can fail to penetrate something critical in order to stop a threat. However, if you are more suited to fire this caliber due to a physical limitation, we still recommend doing so. We have to remember that a .22LR can most certainly cause pain, involuntary collapse, or even death even though it is not as powerful as 9mm. Moreover, it is quite possible that the presence of a firearm in general may cause voluntary surrender before the trigger is even pressed.

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