Going to the range to get in some recreational shooting never fails to entertain, and it’s a great way to make sure your shooting fundamentals are kept sharp. Even still, it’s no secret that there’s only so much we can actually do from a small booth in a crowded shooting range. We started offering Skill Sessions to give trainees the chance to hyper-focus training one skill or fundamental to maximize their efficiency in a more flexible environment. Here are a few of the shooting skills we look forward to helping our trainees develop over the next few sessions!

Working From Cover

Working from cover is one skill that we simply cannot practice at a public shooting range. That’s unfortunate, because there are a lot of nuances involved with shooting from cover that many people miss out on practicing. Without practice, there are a few mistakes shooters are prone to making during the heat of the moment:

  • Maintaining proper distance from cover to increase field of view, avoid back splatter from fired rounds, and avoid unexpected grabbing of your weapon from behind cover.
  • Failure to vary position (standing, crouching, kneeling) to stay unpredictable during a gunfight.
  • Not revealing (flagging) your body beyond what is necessary.

In our Working from Cover Skill Session, we practice a variety of situations to iron out these mistakes and approach working from cover the right way.

Shooting with an Elevated Heartrate

During violent encounters, it goes without saying that we will have an elevated heartrate. This situation is not something that can be replicated at a range open to the public.   In our Shooting with an Elevated Heart Rate Skill Session, we simulate stress and increase trainees’ heart rates to make sure they are better prepared, and less surprised by these effects if they ever find themselves in a legitimate encounter.

Drawing From Concealment

Range rules vary from location to location when it comes to drawing from concealment, but we would argue that training your presentation from a stationary booth will limit your growth even if your range does in fact allow it. In our Drawing from Concealment Skill Session, we’re able to practice different techniques to clear cover garments along with techniques for drawing from multiple carry positions. This hyper focus on exploring the nuances of drawing from concealment helps trainees sharpen their skills and perfect their approach.

Improve Your Shooting Skill Set with Soteria Training Academy

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