Earning your Maryland CCW permit is undoubtedly exciting, but it’s also a big responsibility. In the interest of keeping yourself safe and comfortable, be sure to avoid these common mistakes that new concealed carriers often make.

Assuming a Smaller Pistol is the Better Choice

Concealability is obviously worth keeping in mind when shopping for a concealed carry pistol, but be sure to remember that it isn’t the only key factor. There are many pocket pistols on the market that are among the most concealable pistols available. This doesn’t make them the best choice for your EDC. Many pocket pistols use .22LR rounds, which offer less than ideal stopping power. Smaller pistols are also notably more difficult to shoot accurately regardless of their caliber. This is particularly true for pocket pistols that utilize a double action design with a heavy trigger pull.

Looking for a pistol that offers the best blend of concealability, comfort, and performance? Check out our top recommendations! If you are concerned about accidentally flagging your pistol, our wardrobe guide may contain a few useful tips to dial in your setup.

Not Investing in Quality Gear

When it comes to selecting and purchasing your gear, our rule of thumb is that quality means comfort and safety. As such, we recommend ditching your everyday belt and selecting one graded for everyday carrying.

Next, you’ll want to look into purchasing a well-made kydex holster specifically designed for your pistol. Not only will these feel most comfortable, but they also allow for sufficient retention and stay firmly secured to your belt.

We highly recommend Blacksmith Tactical holsters, and you can get 10% off your purchase with promo code SOTERIA.

Not Continuing Training

As with any skill, a lack of practice will lead to rust. Once you get your CCW permit, be sure to keep your skills sharp with practice from time to time. You can do this with trips to the public gun range or revisit Soteria for another session! We offer a few courses designed to help everyday carriers keep their skills sharp and practice new lifelike situations:

  • Pistol 3. Ditch the shooting lane at the public range and get outdoors at our private range for some advanced pistol training.
  • Skill Session. Zero in on the nuances of specific firearm skills (drawing from concealment, working from cover, shooting with elevated heartrate, etc.) and use repetition to dial in your skill set.

Improve Your Shooting Skill Set with Concealed Carrier Training from Soteria Training Academy

Soteria Training Academy provides expert pistol training with an emphasis on safety. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of firearms, or already have a wealth of experience, we look forward to helping your shooting skill set. Contact us today by visiting our website, or call us at (410) 216-3176 to learn more.