In 2021, we introduced Pistol 3 to our course lineup to give attendees a chance to practice advanced pistol skills in a flexible, outdoor setting. Our sessions were fantastic, but the 2 hour-long drive to Virginia could admittedly be a bit of a drag. Even still, the sessions were such a success that we started looking at local options for outdoor shooting. We found the perfect nearby space, and we’re excited to share the details with you!

We are moving our full selection of outdoor shooting courses to our new outdoor shooting range in Glen Arm, MD. We know that winter weather likes to linger with us a bit in Maryland, so we decided to make the transition starting March 26th to allow us to enjoy spring weather right away.

Over the course of the spring, here are the shooting courses we’re planning for the new range. Keep an eye out for additions like Basic Pistol for Kids and Rifle 1 as we get closer to the start of the season!

Skill Sessions

We started offering Skill Sessions to give trainees the chance to hyper-focus training one skill or fundamental to maximize their efficiency in a more flexible environment. Check out our previous blog post for a rundown of a few of the shooting skills we look forward to helping our trainees develop over the next few sessions!

Maryland HQL

Our Maryland HQL course offers trainees a thorough look at firearm safety, fundamentals, and laws before spending the bulk of the session putting these skills into action at the outdoor shooting range.

Maryland CCW

After the required classroom session, we move on to live fire exercises and training at the outdoor range to fully immerse and prepare each applicant in case of emergency. Our concealed carry class goes above and beyond the minimum state requirement of a 25-round test and includes 200 rounds and over 3 hours of live fire drills. We want to fully prepare our Ultimate CCW trainees to pass the test and carry a pistol in the real world.

Pistol 3

Pistol 3 is our original outdoor course that sparked our interest in moving fully outdoors when weather permits. Building on our indoor Pistol 2, this class is a full 7 hours of tactical shooting. We cover shooting while moving in all directions, working from cover, shooting from different positions (kneeling, prone etc.), engaging multiple targets, shooting with an increased heartrate and more!

Develop Your Shooting Skill Set with Outdoor Shooting Courses at Soteria Training Academy

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