There are a few key bases to cover leading up to receiving your CCW permit and beginning your daily carry journey. You have to shop for the ideal pistol, get a comfortable belt/ holster configuration, and get in the required coursework. Legally speaking, you are not required to seek out any medical training to begin concealed carrying. Even still, we rate this as one of the fundamental pillars of concealed carry preparation. After all, carrying a pistol is only one part of overall survival. Here are a few reasons why people decide against carrying first aid gear regularly, and why we think they should change that.

They Don’t See it as a Need

Many daily carriers opt out of carrying a first aid kit because they simply don’t see the need. In reality, you are much more likely to need your first aid kit than your pistol in an emergency.

As an example, which of the following is more likely to happen to you on any given day?

  • An auto crash that results in injury
  • A carjacking involving the use of a weapon

If you’re like us, you probably chose the auto crash. Put simply, the scope of personal injury extends far beyond the use of lethal force. Having the materials and the skill set to intervene in these scenarios could legitimately be the difference between life and death.

They See it as Extra Baggage

Concealed carriers have to choose their outfits wisely to keep their pistol concealed while still feeling comfortable and natural. On top of that, you could be carrying things like an extra magazine, a tactical flashlight, pocketknife, or pepper spray to ideally eliminate the need to use your pistol. Adding a trauma kit on top of all these items certainly seems like a tall order.

To respond to the lack of space, we would simply recommend always keeping your trauma kit within a readily accessible distance away from you. Every second counts during a gunfight, and immediate access to your pistol is critical. If you are unable to keep your trauma kit on your person, storing a kit in your vehicle, on each level of your home, and/ or in your work bag is better than no access at all in the event of an emergency.

They Have a Lack of Training

Even if you have a fully stocked trauma kit, it won’t be helpful to you if you haven’t first acquired the training needed to intervene during an emergency. Do you feel like you would do more harm than good if you intervened? The confidence you need comes through training, and that’s why we offer Stop The Bleed certification for every student who registers for our Ultimate MD CCW course.   Even this baseline knowledge of wound packing, applying pressure, and using a tourniquet could keep a victim safe until help arrives.  From there, as long as you operate with good faith and without gross negligence, Good Samaritan laws will protect you from penalty.

Develop Critical First Aid Skills with Soteria Training Academy

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