Our firearms can endure a decent amount of wear and tear, but they aren’t immune to malfunctions. Like most things, they need to be maintained. By taking the time to learn why pistols most commonly malfunctioning, we can do everything in our power to look after our investment and keep it working seamlessly.

Common Reasons Your Pistol May Be Malfunctioning

  • Defective ammunition. Replace your daily carry ammo roughly once every year to ensure you have fresh, reliable rounds.
  • Poor grip. Improper grip can actually contribute to gun jams, so make sure your wrist is neither moving excessively nor limp as you press the trigger.
  • Dirty gun. If your gun is used to much between cleanings, malfunctions will start creeping in more and more often.  

Pistol Maintenance

Each time we fire our pistols, traces of carbon, copper, and lead are left behind. Failure to clean your firearm can results in the accumulation of this residue. Not only will this cause corrosion and rust, but it can also prevent your gun from firing properly. Sometimes, moving parts will seize due to a lack of lubrication. Alternatively, build up on the feed ramp may cause a cartridge to stick and not load properly.

If you don’t have a firm grasp on how to properly clean and lubricate your pistol, we can help! We offer an excellent class focused on firearms maintenance, and our experts will demonstrate everything you need to know step-by-step.

Our affordable, one-hour Pistol Maintenance course includes:

  • Disassembly
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Storage
  • Function Checks

In this class, both experienced and novice shooters will gain plenty of valuable information to refer back to in the years to come. The cost of this course includes a free pistol cleaning kit!

Jams Are Not Completely Avoidable

Even if you replace your ammo on a strict schedule and make specific efforts to keep your pistol clean, malfunctions could still potentially happen at any time due to a mechanical malfunction. Since jams are not completely avoidable, we always provide walkthroughs for working though malfunctions in Pistol 1 and Pistol 2. Each trainee comes to our courses with their own unique shooting strengths and weaknesses, but we find that mixing in some dummy rounds with standard range rounds tends to create quite a challenge for just about everyone. That’s a good thing! It’s much better to develop this new muscle memory in a safe, controlled environment than on the fly.

Develop Your Pistol Maintenance Skills with Soteria Training Academy

Soteria Training Academy provides expert pistol and first aid training with an emphasis on safety. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of firearms, or already have a wealth of experience, we look forward to helping your shooting skill set. Contact us today by visiting our website, or call us at (410) 216-3176 to learn more.