When students show interest in earning their Maryland HQL, we don’t assume that they already have knowledge about pistols or even access to one for course participation. You have to start somewhere, and that’s why we have a full fleet of pistol rentals available to new trainees. Additionally, we make sure to allow time for first pistol recommendations to those looking to make their first purchase shortly after their HQL arrives via email

In this blog, we outline a few of the pistols in our rental fleet and explain why they may be the perfect choice for your first purchase. While none of these recommendations are micro-compacts, we’ve made sure to only select pistols that will serve you perfectly for home defense immediately while remaining perfectly concealable if you could see yourself earning your Maryland CCW permit in the future.

Glock 19

The Glock 19 is recognized as one of the best pistols to pick up regardless of your shooting plans. This gun is light enough and compact enough to easily carry, yet it still handles well enough and offers enough firepower to qualify as a service pistol. If the Glock 19 feels comfortable in your hand, you truly can’t go wrong with this choice. Not to mention, you will find that this is one of the most readily customizable pistols on the market.

Glock 44

The Glock 19 takes 9mm rounds, which means it strikes a desirable balance of power, capacity, and recoil for most shooters. However, shooters with physical limitations may benefit from the reduced recoil that a .22LR pistol provides. In that case, the Glock 44 is an excellent choice. It is nearly a carbon copy of the Glock 19 and should feel identical in your hand, but the reduced caliber is sure to offer you a more comfortable shooting experience.

Sig Sauer P320 Compact

The P320 compact is a direct competitor to the Glock 19, so you can expect similar weight, performance and concealability. There is no wrong choice between the P320 compact and the Glock 19, so you should just try them both and make the call yourself after considering the feeling in your hand and the unique triggers.

Glock 48

If a CCW permit is likely in your future, the Glock 48 should be in consideration for your first pistol purchase. This pistol effectively takes some characteristics from the G19 and the G43x (a popular Glock micro-compact) and combines them into one package. The G48 is built on the same platform as the G43x, meaning it is a single stack unlike the alternatives outlined in this blog. However, the barrel length is boosted to 4.17″, making it similar in size to the G19. This pistol really strikes a great balance between concealability, accuracy, and recoil management. Even if you do not plan on earning your CCW permit, you should still give the Glock 48 a shot (no pun intended).

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