After extensive training and understanding of firearm safety, your pistol can become a lifesaving tool. Just as easily, it could trigger a major accident with lifechanging repercussions. To keep you, your family members, and visitors safe, we’ll be covering three gun safety rules for the home in this blog post.

Be Aware of Your Target and What is Beyond

This tip is actually one of the four rules of firearm safety that we cover with our trainees prior to shooting in any of our courses. For home safety, this particular rule deserves to be repeated. At the range, it’s generally quite easy to be aware of your target and what’s behind it. We have a lane, a bullet catcher or berm downrange, and the knowledge that this configuration is highly unlikely (but not guaranteed) to change throughout the entirety of your range visit.

At home, the situation is much more fluid. In any given direction, there could be people, buildings, cars, or pets on the other side of the wall. Be sure to keep this firmly in mind whether you are assessing your home for potential threats or even just working on some dryfiring at home.

Lock Up Your Pistol

We published a blog post in the past outlining the pros and cons of locking up your pistol in a safe. While both perspectives are covered, we advise anyone on the fence here to choose the safe route and lock your pistol up when it isn’t on your person. It only takes a few seconds to secure a pistol in a quick access safe, and you can retrieve it in an emergency just as quickly. You don’t need us to tell you that there are very sobering stories out there involving children or others gaining accidental access to a firearm that easily could have been locked away. To avoid these lifechanging consequences firsthand, purchase a quick access safe for storage when it’s time to take the pistol off your belt.

Have Open Discussions with Your Children

While your pistol is best kept safely locked away, the subject of firearms shouldn’t be taboo in your household. Be sure that your children are familiar with these critical rules if they happen to see a firearm in order to preserve their safety:

  1. Stop what you are doing.
  2. Do not touch the gun.
  3. Leave the room where the gun is located.
  4. Alert an adult right away.

For a deeper dive into firearm operation and safety for children, keep an eye out for upcoming Youth Pistol sessions!

Develop a Gun Safety Mindset with Soteria Training Academy

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