Throughout all of our courses, we view the pistol as a potentially lifesaving tool. But what if you don’t have your CCW permit just yet and can’t carry your life saving tool outside of the home? Similarly, what should you do if you do have your permit and plan on entering a gun free zone? For one reason or another, there will be times that you find yourself without your daily carry. Here are a few self-defense options to rely on when that time comes.


Whether you have your pistol on you or not, a folding knife is a great addition to your daily haul. Most of the time, it will come in handy during non-threatening day-to-day situations. However, it can also be used for self-defense in a pinch and is very effective in extreme close quarter situations.

Tactical Flashlight

You don’t need us to tell you that a tactical flashlight doesn’t have the deadly capability of a pistol or knife. Even still, a tactical flashlight could buy you valuable time in a threatening situation when you find yourself without your pistol (or even if your pistol malfunctions during an engagement). Simply point the tactical light at an attacker and they should be effectively blinded to buy yourself time to escape. 

Pepper Spray

In the state of Maryland, citizens are granted the right to carry pepper spray in the event that they are doing so as a reasonable precaution rather than with a predetermined intent. As such, it is another great choice that can buy you valuable time if your come under attack without your daily carry.


A taser serves the same purpose as pepper spray: to buy yourself valuable time to escape an attacker. Tasers are significantly more reliable, though. In windy or rainy conditions, pepper spray becomes ineffective and can potentially spray in the wrong direction. Tasers, on the other hand, have a much larger range in any weather condition and can penetrate through clothing, resulting in temporary incapacitation and a chance to escape.


If you are caught up in serious encounter without your pistol or any other form of personal protection, it’s time to get creative. If your best judgement tells you that fighting through an encounter rather than fleeing is the right choice to preserve your life, consider grabbing your keys and using them as a push dagger. While they won’t be as effective as a knife, your keys can still do serious damage when paired with increased adrenaline.

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