At Soteria, we pride ourselves on having a wealth of knowledge about most common types of firearms. Whether you’re looking to enter the world of shooting with an introductory pistol or AR class, or you are looking for training geared toward experienced shooters, we have you covered. Each of our courses includes deep dives into the specifics of the firearm in question, but there are several overarching rules that apply to every live fire course on our calendar.  Here are the four rules of operating a firearm that we review at every session!

The Four Rules of Operating a Firearm

Treat All Guns as if They are Loaded

Whenever you begin handling a firearm, you should automatically assume it is loaded and clear it accordingly before handling the weapon any further. Similarly, if you are handed a firearm at the range (or any setting), your safest choice is to assume it is loaded.

Do Not Point the Muzzle at Anything You Are Not Willing to Destroy

When handled properly, our firearms are tools that can genuinely protect our lives. Without proper handling, they could just as easily lead to a tragic mistake that causes severe injuries (or worse) to you or a bystander.  As such, weapons are to be pointed downrange at targets we are willing to destroy. This eliminates the chance of a ‘worst case scenario’ situation unfolding.

Keep Your Finger off the Trigger Until Your Sights are on Target and You are Ready to Shoot

Trigger finger discipline is another skill we emphasize throughout all of our courses. Unless you have your target in your sights and are ready to press the trigger, your finger should be off the trigger and resting on the frame of the firearm.

Be Aware of Your Target and What is Beyond It

The gun range is a controlled setting with fixed targets and a backstop designed to absorb bullets, but this rule still comes into play every time we plan to wield and operate a firearm. Self-defense scenarios are not controlled. In the house, walls do not stop bullets, so family in other rooms can be at risk if they are beyond a target. Outside the home, you need to be highly aware of your surroundings since there are people and things you do not want to destroy in all directions.

Develop Your Shooting Skill Set with Soteria Training Academy

Soteria Training Academy provides expert pistol and first aid training with an emphasis on safety. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of firearms, or already have a wealth of experience, we look forward to helping your shooting skill set. Contact us today by visiting our website, or call us at (410) 216-3176 to learn more.