With the right training and adherence to the rules of firearm usage, our pistols undoubtedly become tools that can protect our lives and preserve loved ones from harm. Even still, the subject of guns can be challenging to talk about at home, especially when children enter the picture. In this blog, we’ll offer a few tips to help you normalize gun safety to keep your entire household safe and educated.

Keeping Your Pistol Secure from Your Children

We’ve published blog posts in the past outlining storage options for your pistols at home, and we have offered the same advice time and time again: always secure your firearms in a safe when not in use. We are all for teaching the importance of gun safety at a young age, but that doesn’t change the fact that accidents happen. Even if your child doesn’t make a mistake, what if they have a friend over who gains access to a firearm? Luckily, you won’t have to worry about any children accessing your pistol without your permission with the simple purchase of a quick access safe.

Out of Sight, but Not Out of Mind

While it’s imperative to lock up your firearms to protect your children from harm, that doesn’t mean you should avoid conversations about firearms altogether. Here are several ways you can encourage gun safety and demystify firearms in your home in a healthy way:

You could also enroll your child in Youth Pistol, the perfect introduction to the world of firearms for children ages 10-14. The four-hour class assumes that this is each child’s first exposure to the world of firearms. As such, we start out with comprehensive lessons about firearms safety and mentality before moving to the shooting portion to focus on developing solid fundamentals.

Develop Your Shooting Skill Set with Gun Safety in Mind at Soteria Training Academy

Soteria Training Academy provides expert pistol and first aid training with an emphasis on safety. Whether you’re a beginner in the world of firearms, or already have a wealth of experience, we look forward to helping your shooting skill set. Contact us today by visiting our website, or call us at (410) 216-3176 to learn more.