So, you’ve decided to pursue your Maryland concealed carry permit. Whether you are waiting for your permit to arrive in the mail or still planning to register for the required Maryland CCW course, we have a hand full of tips that are sure to surprise you and hopefully make the start of your wear and carry journey as seamless as possible.

Small Pistols Can be Harder to Shoot

Carrying a concealed pistol comes with the obvious responsibility of always keeping it concealed unless you are under attack. To do so comfortably, many people assume that a small pistol is the right choice. However, concealability is only one of many traits that make up a well-rounded daily carry. Smaller pistols are noticeably harder to shoot due to a variety of factors. Smaller grips, smaller sights, and lighter weight can make shooting accurately notably more challenging for beginners.

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Your First Few Restroom Breaks May Be Interesting

It’s entirely possible you haven’t considered your first trip to a public restroom after receiving your CCW permit, so we’re here to provide a few tips to hopefully help you avoid any awkwardness and make your experience as safe as possible:

  • Don’t unholster the pistol. Is the holster in your way? Remove the entire holster.
  • Only place the holstered pistol in areas within your direct control. People forget personal items in bathrooms all the time, but this is not a personal item you ever want to forget.
  • Choose the setting wisely. When possible, go for one-person public restrooms for maximum privacy.  Doors with uncovered bottoms can make concealability a challenge.
  • Make sure the door lock is functional.

You Get What You Pay For

Many new concealed carriers research their first pistol purchase thoroughly only to supplement the purchase with a cheap holster and belt. This is a recipe for a day full of discomfort and micro adjustments. Considering your pistol will be with you throughout most of the day, it’s worth investing a little extra for gear that is reliable and comfortable. Check out a few of our recommendations for selecting your belt and holster!

Develop Your Shooting Skills with Soteria Training Academy

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