This year, we made the switch to our outdoor range in Glen Arm, MD for our full range of live fire courses.  We’ve already instructed over a dozen courses since the start of March, meaning we’ve developed a good idea of exactly what you should pack for your next trip to the outdoor range!

Pants (Instead of Shorts)

One of the greatest advantages of outdoor shooting is that it allows us to take advantage of increased freedom of movement when preparing shooting drills. The outdoor range gives us the flexibility to try out multiple firing stations, ranges of distance, and terrain-based exercises. Keep your knees protected by wearing pants so you can practice shooting while kneeling and in prone position!


We always set up tents for our outdoor shooting courses, but the bulk of our time is spent completing drills that involve movement and exposure to the sun. As such, we recommend packing more water than you think you’ll need! Taking a course with Soteria? We’ll be sure to pack some extra hydration in case you run out.

Sun Protection

Speaking of sun exposure, it makes sense to drop a bottle of sunscreen in your range bag if you see a lot of outdoor shooting in your future this summer. Without sunscreen, sunburn can start appearing in as little as 10 minutes of sun exposure. As such, a day without sun protection on the range can be a recipe for a red, painful outcome.  We also recommend bringing a baseball cap along if you’ve notice a bright fireball in the forecast.

Magazine Loader

For shorter-range visits, you may not always want to use your mag loader, but it’s worth having just in case. For longer classes, you’ll save yourself a lot of time simply using a speed loader rather than loading each round by hand into the magazine itself. Many of our courses involve shooting over 200 rounds, making a mag loader a must pack item for some of our students.

Spare Batteries

While spare batteries are important for both indoor and outdoor shooting, we’ve listed them anyway since your day at the range can easily be compromised without them. Check the battery types for your active noise cancellation ear protection as well as any sights or flashlights you plan to use at the range. If you have a lot of rechargeable gear, you could even bring a power bank with you to the range. At the very least, it’s sure to come in handy if your phone battery starts dwindling away as your shooting session goes on.

Develop Your Shooting Skills at Soteria Training Academy’s Outdoor Shooting Range

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