Whether they originated in Hollywood or online, there are a lot of misconceptions about the world of firearms and shooting. In this blog, we’re dispelling four of the most common firearms misconceptions we come across!

“Concealed Carriers Only Choose Tacticool Brands”

When you carry a concealed pistol with you on a regular basis, it makes sense to take steps to blend in with the crowd and “become the gray man”. While brands like 5.11 Tactical undoubtedly make great range products, we urge you to choose your daily outfits wisely in order to avoid advertising yourself as someone who may be armed. When choosing outfits, think comfortable and practicool rather than tacticool.

“A Suppressor Will Reduce My Gunfire to a Gentle Whisper”

Whether you’re an action movie buff or an experienced Warzone player, it’s possible that you’ve been led to believe suppressors are more effective than they are in reality. While they are commonly referred to as “silencers”, suppressors are in fact noticeably louder than the gentle pops we hear on the television screen. There is no such thing as a truly silent firearm. However, a suppressor can still lower the volume of your weapon by about 20-35 dB, or roughly the same amount as a quality pair of earmuffs.

“HQL or CCW Training is Enough for Me”

As with any skill, a lack of practice will lead to rust. Once you get your CCW permit or HQL, be sure to keep your skills sharp with practice from time to time. You can do this with trips to the public gun range or revisit Soteria for another session! In addition to offering plenty of reps in our Ultimate MD CCW Course, we also offer Pistol 3 to help everyday carriers keep their skills sharp and practice new lifelike situations. Ditch the shooting lane at the public range and get outdoors at our private range for some advanced pistol training.

“One Magazine is More Than Enough”

Another common misconception is that access to a single magazine is more than enough to keep you protected if you need to use your pistol for home defense or personal defense. While one magazine certainly can do the job, we can’t bank on it.

2019 study reports that Dallas police officers only hit their intended target around 35% of the time. Even highly trained members of the police force are missing their target over half the time. If we assume our magazines have a 10-round capacity, that means we would be lucky to hit our target 3 or 4 times. That certainly can stop a threat, but it is no guarantee. Doubling your capacity with an extra magazine can offer great peace of mind in the event that you find yourself needing to use force to preserve your life.

Develop Your Skill Set and Avoid Shooting Misconceptions with Soteria Training Academy

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