CCW permit holders learn a lot of information in class, but it’s easy to forget what you know or get confused when you’re told differing information from friends, family, and coworkers. During your CCW class, we reviewed a variety of myths about concealed carry. In this blog, we’ll be rehashing some of those misconceptions so you always have a reference in a sea of misinformation.

MYTH: No Gun Signs Are Not Enforceable

Every state has different laws regarding the legality of “No Gun” signs, so you should never assume that you are not subject to them. Especially if you are traveling, always check local restrictions before carrying in an area with a “No Gun” sign. Additionally, it’s important to remember that even though you have your CCW permit, private property owners do have rights that restrict who can enter their property and what they can bring. Even if you are not breaking an outright law, you could face serious ramifications for laughing off the sign.

MYTH: Your Car Is the Same As Your Home

When you have a CCW permit, it’s important to remember that your car is not just an extension of your home. There are no state laws that define the car as an extension of the house, so you should never conduct yourself in that manner. Make sure that you have an understanding of what behaviors are appropriate and protected in your house and how they differ from what is protected in your vehicle. Never assume.

MYTH: You Can Carry Guns In Churches That Have Schools

Your CCW permit does not come without restrictions, and it’s important to understand how the places you visit determine whether or not you can carry. There are no laws in Maryland preventing you from carrying a gun in a church, but visiting churches in DC requires you to get permission from the church before carrying.

Things can change when the church has a school as part of the building. Maryland, for example, prevents anyone from carrying a firearm on public school property unless you are a law enforcement officer on duty, off-duty law enforcement, or retired law enforcement in good standing and an authorized visitor to the school. The only other exceptions are participating in organized shooting activities, working as an armed guard, or bringing in a historical artifact. Do your research before showing up.

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