When you schedule a one-on-one training session at Soteria Training Academy, you will have the opportunity to speak with your instructor about your shooting goals. This allows us to customize the experience to your needs and target precisely what you’d like to work on. However, if you’ve never had a one-on-one training session or aren’t sure how to figure out what to focus on, here are some of our best ideas for skills and things you can emphasize with the help of an instructor. Our team is here to support you however we can!

1.      Learn More About Your Guns

If you skipped our What Gun Should I Buy? training course and have a weapon that you aren’t fully familiar with, your one-on-one training session could include exercises to make you more comfortable and familiar with your firearm. If you want to improve your shot, getting more comfortable with your personal weapon is essential.

2.      Work on Your Accuracy

Your instructor can work with you throughout your one-on-one training session to improve your accuracy and confidence. It is not easy to shoot precisely, but improving this skill is critical if you expect to be able to fire your weapon in a tense or emergency situation. The one-on-one help that you get can give you drills to work on that you can then transfer to your own solo time at the range.

3.      Practice Your Trigger Pull

Did you know that the way you pull the trigger can impact how straight you shoot and how accurate you are? Some gun owners never learn the basics like properly pulling the trigger and end up needing to start back at square one to brush up and improve their skills. At Soteria Training Academy, a one-on-one training session can be adapted to any level of experience. Whether you have picked up some bad shooting habits that you want to fix or are firing for the first time, we can help you in a judgment-free environment.

4.      Work on Your Stance

In addition to proper trigger pull techniques, the right stance is also important. Because you can’t see your own posture or stance as you’re shooting, it’s easy to start using poor form. An instructor during your one-on-one training session can give you objective advice and help you shift into the proper position. Additionally, they can provide you with customized advice to remember what you learned every time you shoot in the future.

5.      Slow Down and Focus on the Essentials

While some people come to their one-on-one training sessions looking to practice speed, many can benefit from slowing down and focusing on the basics. Working with an instructor is an excellent way to learn new tricks, get high-quality advice, and start implementing it on your own time. Practicing is not a race, and during your session, you’ll gain knowledge that can be used during your solo time on the range.

Improve Your Skills with a One-on-One Training Session with Soteria Training Academy

Soteria Training Academy’s One-on-One Training Sessions provide new and experienced shooters the opportunity to hone their skills while learning new ones. We want you to feel prepared to protect your family and your community. Contact us today by visiting our website, or call us at (410) 216-3176 to learn more.