As a parent, it is your responsibility to educate your child and equip them with the knowledge necessary to stay safe in today’s world. As a gun owner, it’s also important to talk to your kids about gun safety. Especially if you have guns in the home or carry daily, your children must understand how to properly act around a firearm and what to do if they encounter one. How can you educate your children about gun safety?

When Should You Talk to Your Kids About Gun Safety?

Some people who do not carry daily assume that their child doesn’t notice them cleaning their gun, storing it in a safe, or interacting with it. However, kids are very smart and are prone to noticing things. If you do not proactively talk to them about it, the chances that they will become curious and seek it out themselves are much higher.

It’s important to remember that teaching your kid to fire a weapon and taking time to talk to your kids about gun safety are two different things. As a parent, you are the best judge of when your child is old enough to understand what a gun is and how to properly handle it. Many parents start when kids start to get curious about firearms, somewhere between the ages of 3 and 7. There is no one right age for everybody.

Talk to Your Kids About Gun Safety First

Before moving onto more complex topics, the most important thing to emphasize is gun safety. Teach your child that guns are not toys, so you should never interact with them the way that you interact with toys. Some parents choose to reinforce this lesson by asking their children to never leave toy guns lying around and instead putting them away in a toy chest (to mimic what they do with a gun safe).

When you talk to your kids about gun safety, you should also educate them on what to do if they encounter a gun or something that they believe is a weapon. Always stop, run away, and talk to an adult. Make sure that your child knows they should never attempt to touch or handle a firearm in this situation. 

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