Just like time spent practicing many skills and interests, time on the gun range is what you make of it. Some people show up prepared with specific skills to work on, while others simply want to improve their comfort level with their firearms. What are some of the ways to get the most out of your range sessions?

Come With an Intention

Any time you show up for scheduled range sessions, ensure that you have an intention. Are you interested in getting more familiar with a new firearm? Do you primarily want to focus on your accuracy? Are there basic skills, like your trigger press, that you could benefit from practicing? Having something in mind ahead of time gives you a chance to save time during your session and also potentially schedule a private lesson with an instructor, like at Soteria Training Academy, for even more learning.

Prepare Everything Ahead of Time

Range sessions are typically charged by the hour depending on where you’re headed. As a result, the time that you spend preparing equipment that could have been prepared at home is a waste of your time and money. Additionally, that wasted time distracts you mentally from your goals for the session. Make sure that you are ready to go when you arrive at the range for your time slot.

Go Slow and Build

When many people think about accuracy, they think about shooting bullseyes with the target at the very end of the firing lane. However, that’s not the most valuable place to start. Instead of firing a few magazines at 10 yards or so and going straight to the back of the firing lane, focus on going slow. It’s easier to hit accurately at close distances, which might make you overestimate your abilities. Start by trying to maintain a strict margin of accuracy at a close distance before gradually moving the target back.

Don’t Be Afraid to Reschedule

If you’re hitting the gym and trying to beat your PR and failing multiple times in a row, it’s probably a sign that you need to either decrease the amount that you’re trying to bench or start working on something else. However, many people view range sessions differently and try to keep pushing in the hopes that they’ll get it right. However, diminishing returns can occur. If you’re having trouble hitting your stride and feel like you’re wasting ammo, or simply getting frustrated, don’t be afraid to pack it up for the day and reschedule.

Soteria Training Academy Helps You Prepare for Range Sessions

Soteria Training Academy helps ensure that you consistently build your skills so that you’re excited about your range sessions. Contact us today by visiting our website, or call us at (410) 216-3176 to learn more.