When you first get your concealed carry permit, you’re probably excited about completing your training and being able to protect yourself and your community wherever you go. However, that excitement can lead to making some concealed carry mistakes that put you at risk and create unsafe situations. What are some of the most common errors that beginners make? 

Not Investing in a Holster

Carrying every day is an adjustment, and a low-quality holster that does not fit your needs well is a surefire way to make the adjustment as hard as possible. One of the most common concealed carry mistakes for beginners is skimping on the holster. There are many cost-effective holsters designed for a variety of carry types, and you should try different ones before settling on your favorite. There is a good reason why many people who have carried for years own many holsters!

Not Going Above the Minimum Training

One of the things that makes Soteria Training Academy different is our commitment to providing every CCW student with a class and training experience that goes beyond the minimum that Maryland requires. However, even after you have finished our class, the journey to being a responsible gun owner and concealed carry permit owner does not end there. Make an effort to invest in ongoing training to sharpen your skills and navigate the world responsibly with your weapon. A lack of training can lead to many other concealed carry mistakes.

Not Wearing the Right Clothing

A common problem with clothing is printing, but another is adjusting your wardrobe to carrying. Virtually no piece of clothing is off-limits, but you will need to make choices that accommodate what you are carrying and how you are carrying it. Additionally, if the entire reason that you are concealed carrying is to conceal your weapon, it’s a good idea to avoid wearing tactical clothing or camo that essentially announces your firearm to the world.

Not Avoiding Your Firearm During the Day

Do you find yourself touching your firearm throughout the day without realizing it? This is one of the most common beginner concealed carry mistakes, as those who aren’t used to carrying all day long will compulsively reach for the weapon or check to make sure that it’s there. Practice not touching it, and the urge will pass. After all, as long as you have a good holster, you don’t need to worry.

Soteria Training Academy Helps You Avoid the Most Common Concealed Carry Mistakes

Soteria Training Academy helps ensure that you consistently build your skills and avoid the mistakes that are common when people first start to carry. Contact us today by visiting our website, or call us at (410) 216-3176 to learn more.