Countering the Mass Shooter Threat

Mass shootings are all too familiar in today’s society.
Let’s do something about it.


The frequency of mass shootings in this country is simply unacceptable. In this course, we take a close look at 48 mass shootings that have occurred since Columbine and sift through them for major takeaways and ways of countering the mass shooter.

Expect to explore whether societal changes like magazine capacity limits or banning certain firearm types could have changed the outcome of these tragedies. We’ll also survey the impact of gun-free zones, victim responses and proposed gun control policies on the trajectory of these shootings.

Who is This Course For?
  • School staff (administration, teachers, volunteers, etc.)
  • Church leaders and staff
  • Parents, grandparents, students

This is truly the perfect course for anyone who wants to be prepared to identify, reduce, control, and eliminate mass shooting incidents by countering the mass shooter.

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Subjects Covered

The following subjects will be covered in detail:
  • Creating an Operations Plan
  • Triage and Treat the Wounded
  • Expert Recommendations
  • Understand Your Attacker
  • Debunk Common Myths
  • Know the Signs
  • Reducing/ Eliminating the Impact of Mass Shootings
  • Evaluation of Proposed Mass Scale Solutions
  • Developing Your Own Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
  • History of Mass Shootings


Instead of being a startled bystander,
learn how to take decisive action to prevent massive shootings.

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