firearms safety training courses

Live Fire Courses

firearms safety training courses

maryland certified firearms training course

In this 16-hour firearms safety training course, our Qualified Handgun Instructors work closely with applicants to ensure they are fully prepared to carry a concealed weapon. We start off with a thorough review of pistol safety, operation and maintenance tips. From there, participants can expect in depth lectures on carry procedures, use of force and mindset. Pistol 1, Pistol 2, and Stop the Bleed are included in this course.

handgun safety training Baltimore MD

This firearms safety training course is designed with the shooter who has a firm grasp of the fundamentals in mind. Trainees can expect to further develop their skill set in this 5-hour intermediate session and put those skills to the test throughout.


Our pistol 3 firearms safety training course is specifically designed to help experienced shooters bring their skill set to an even higher level. Leave the shooting lane behind and practice a variety of advanced skills down range with us!

firearms safety training course

This 4-hour HQL course is designed to prepare and certify trainees for gun ownership in the state of Maryland and includes 1 hour on the range shooting 100 rounds. After students have completed this firearms safety training course, they are eligible to apply for their own HQL license. Once we’ve completed lectures and drills, our trainees leave outfitted with a firm grasp on proper firearm operation, home firearm safety, shooting fundamentals and state firearm law.


This four-hour firearms safety training course is great for beginners looking to improve their semi auto rifle shooting skills and knowledge. Before our trainees even enter the range, we thoroughly walk them through the operation and maintenance of their semi auto rifle with a strong emphasis on safety.

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Pistol for kids
The perfect introduction to the world of firearms for children ages 10-14. Includes a comprehensive dive into firearms safety and mentality before moving to the shooting portion to focus on developing solid fundamentals. Each student must be accompanied by a legal guardian to participate!
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Skill Session
90-minute sessions on the range to hyper focus training one skill or fundamental. For the experienced shooter looking to highly develop one specific skill at a time and maximize their efficiency.
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What Gun Should I Buy?
*Flexible scheduling available*
Trying to choose the right pistol after getting your CCW permit is a tough task.
This session gives you access to seven of the best concealed carry pistols on the market along with an hour of one-on-one instruction.
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Private Lessons

There are so many nuances involved with pistol shooting. To shoot at a high level, one must have a firm grasp on concepts like stance, accuracy, trigger pull and more. If there is a specific area of your shooting you would like to emphasize in training, our One on One firearms safety training course is the course for you.

Classroom Only Courses

firearms safety training courses

handgun safety training Baltimore MD
The frequency of mass shootings in this country is simply unacceptable. In this course, we take a close look at 48 mass shootings that have occurred since Columbine and sift through them for major takeaways.
handgun safety training Baltimore MD

*Virtual Course*

Get all the information you need to increase the overall security level of your home. Over the course of the 90-minute virtual session, we’ll explore various aspects of home security.

handgun training Baltimore MD
There’s more to shooting than meets the eye. We all love those long days on the shooting range, but some TLC is needed in between sessions to ensure your pistol operates at peak functionality over the years. Our Pistol Maintenance Course is designed to show each participant the ins and outs of proper pistol maintenance.
stop the bleed

This 2-hour class will teach you the basics of controlling bleeding. With massive bleeding being the #1 cause of preventable deaths, learning how to act and save a life is important. This is a great introductory program into emergency response and the basics of saving a life. We will cover the techniques and tools used so you can walk away more confident in your ability to make an impact.

first aid CPR
First Aid/CPR/AED
Learn how to recognize life-threatening emergencies and how to intervene effectively as an immediate responder. Includes hands-on tutorials for wound packing, CPR, and automated external defibrillator training to prepare trainees for a variety of real-world scenarios.
first aid

This course is all about equipping trainees with the skills and knowledge to save someone’s life during a bleeding emergency. Includes tips for patient assessment, wound packing, and tourniquet application. Stop The Bleed certification is included free with every Ultimate MD CCW seat.