Dry Fire Courses

CQB Fundamentals

The perfect introduction to room evaluation, room entry and room clearing techniques, this class is a great addition to your home defense plan and will have a strong emphasis on fundaments in a dry fire environment with both pistol and AR platforms. Topics of instruction include:

  • Proper footwork
  • Threshold evaluation
  • Single person room entry
  • 2 person room entry
  • Firearm manipulation
  • Shoot and no shoot targets
  • Clearing adjoining rooms

SIRT Pistols and Mantis Blackbeards are included!

Vehicle Tactics

Learn how to fight in and around vehicles with this 4 hour dry-fire class.  Topics of instruction include:

  • Using a vehicle for cover
  • Non-traditional shooting positions
  • Moving safely in a vehicle with a firearm
  • Quickly exiting a vehicle
  • Protecting another person in a vehicle

SIRT Pistols and Mantis Blackbeards are included!