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This Life-Saving Course is so Critical, It’s Free

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Why Learning is Crucial

We don’t wake up expecting a major injury to occur out of nowhere, but the reality is that unexpected injuries occur all the time. When such injuries trigger severe bleeding, being a witness isn’t enough to guarantee a positive outcome. Stop the Bleed training empowers bystanders to step in as immediate responders to aid those involved in serious accidents or disasters.

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Soteria’s Stop the Bleed Course

With a topic as serious as bleeding, a lecture doesn’t provide the level of hands-on experience needed to effectively use bleeding control techniques in the real world. To supplement our Stop the Bleed instruction, we provide trainees numerous hands-on drills and demos to ensure they are committing the correct skills to memory.

The Skills You’ll Adopt

The purpose of this course is to help you identify the signs of severe bleeding and empower you to react accordingly. We cover the following skills and techniques and offer hands-on drills for each of them:

  • Applying pressure to a wound
  • Wound packing
  • Tourniquet Application
Graduate from Bystander to First Responder

We’re offering Stop the Bleed training free of charge to schools and organizations. Please complete this form and an instructor will reach out to schedule a free Stop the Bleed training session for your organization.

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Free Stop The Bleed Request Form

Please complete this form and an instructor will reach out to schedule a free Stop The Bleed training session for your school or congregation.

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