Live Fire Courses

Pistol 1

The perfect introduction to pistol shooting! We cover all the basics and safety fundamentals of pistol shooting before transitioning live fire at our outdoor range to practice a variety of skills and drills in a safe, constructive environment. This class covers:

  • The 7 shooting Fundamentals
  • Drawing from a holster
  • Emergency reloads
  • Addressing malfunctions
  • One handed shooting

Get the foundation you need to safely enter the world of firearms!

Pistol 2

Become a more well-rounded shooter, develop your skill set, and put your shooting skills to the test as we build off the basics of Pistol 1.  Suitable for both beginner and more experienced shooters. Pistol 1 is a required prerequisite for Pistol 2.

In just a few hours, we’ll help you develop these key skills:

  • Target transitions
  • Shooting on the move
  • Turns and other body movements
Pistol 3

Our course is specifically designed to help experienced shooters bring their skill set to an even higher level. Leave the shooting lane behind and practice a variety of advanced skills outdoors with us! Over the seven-hours, expect to practice these skills extensively:

  • Shooting while moving in all directions
  • Working from cover/concealment
  • Shooting from different positions (kneeling, prone, supine etc),
  • Engaging multiple targets
  • Shooting with an increased heart rate
  • Shooting within arm’s reach/hands on
  • Keeping poise in high stress situations (increased heart rate, rapid movement)


Rifle 1

This four-hour course is great for beginners looking to improve their semi-auto rifle shooting skills and knowledge.

Before our trainees even enter the range, we thoroughly walk them through the operation and maintenance of their semi auto rifle. After that, we work to help students set up their rifles including optic zero and sling setup. From there, we move to the range and practice a variety of drills and techniques that are sure to improve any beginner’s skills and confidence.

Our instructors evaluate all the nuances of their trainees’ shooting along the way. Your trainer will work with you to ensure you have a firm grasp of the following skills:

  • Zero theory
  • Sling setup
  • Stance
  • Ready up positions
  • Reloading
Rifle 2

Building on our Rifle 1 class, this four-hour course is designed to help you take your semi-auto rifle shooting to the next level. After a brief warmup and review of our Rifle 1 skills, we start learning:

  • Turns and other body movements
  • Shooting from different body positions
  • Working from cover
  • Engaging multiple targets