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Earn Your CCW Permit and Develop Your Shooting Skill Set at the Top Maryland Concealed Carry Permit Course

Soteria Training Academy is an experienced provider of Maryland Wear and Carry Permit (CCW) permit courses in Baltimore, MD. Our 16-hour course prepares you to receive your concealed carry permit. Protect yourself, your family and, your property anywhere you go by completing your MD CCW training with us.

Going Above and Beyond to Ensure Your Daily Carry Readiness

So, what makes Soteria Training Academy the Ultimate Maryland Concealed Carry Permit Course Instructor?

Our sixteen-hour CCW course offers the most thorough and comprehensive concealed carry permit training experience in the state of Maryland. We pride ourselves in designing courses that focus on the fundamentals and real-world applicability.

In addition to 6 hours of basic and intermediate pistol training, there are a few things that make our Maryland concealed carry permit course the best in the state:

  • Stop the Bleed certification
  • Lifelike drills and scenarios
  • Expert firearms instructors
  • State of the art outdoor shooting range in Glen Arm, MD

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* Ammo is not included in the cost of the course.
* The cost of our course does not include LiveScan fingerprints or the Maryland State application fee, which the state requires to be paid separately.
* Successful completion of our course does not guarantee Maryland will issue a Wear and Carry (CCW) Permit.

Comprehensive Concealed Carry Permit Training in Maryland

We don’t cut any corners, and the cost of our Maryland concealed carry permit course includes thorough discussions of these critical topics:

  • CCW application requirements
  • Safe gun handling procedures
  • Pistol operation and parts
  • Ammunition selection
  • Holster selection
  • Cleaning and maintenance
  • Firearms laws
  • Use of deadly force
  • Interactions with law enforcement when concealed carrying

Flexible Options to Fit Your Schedule

We’ve made it easy to register online and choose the best class for your schedule. Curious about booking a group class outside of our listed dates? We’re happy to help.