Security Risk Assessment

Organizational Details

Is there an organizational board that meets regularly?
Do you rent or open your facilities for community events or functions?
Is any cash held on site?
Is the cash held on site is inside a safe?
Is the cash held on site is deposited on first business day?
Are facility keys issued, tracked, and recollected when access is no longer needed?
Does the organization provide personal/marriage counseling, food programs, drug recovery, youth programs, etc. on-site?
Are background checks completed and records kept on all staff?

Security Team

Does the organization have an active/organized security team?
Does the security team have direct oversight/integration with organization leadership?
Are there established policies/procedures for the operation of the team?
Does the organization keep applications, ID, CCW, and training documentation of team members?
Do team members undergo a criminal background check or screening process?
Does the security team have regular meetings (at least quarterly)?
Do team members attend regular training?
Are members of your team trained in relevant laws (use of force, citizen’s arrest)?
Are members of your team trained in first aid, CPR/AED and Stop the bleed?
Are members of your team trained in firearm safety, operation, maintenance and tactics?
Do you ever hire security contractors or off duty police for specific events?

Physical Security

Does the facility have a functional and monitored alarm system?
Are external areas of the facility properly illuminated?
Does the facility have CCTV camera monitoring?
Are natural barriers (ex: trees, bushes) trimmed/maintained to avoid concealment?

Procedures and Plans

Are there outlined processes for addressing critical incidents?
Are external doors secured during operations/services?
Does the organization have emergency plans in place that members are aware of (exit guides, fire escape)?
Are security team members present during every organizational function?


Have there been any previous serious/critical incidents?
Are there any known risks/hazards that have not yet been addressed?