Stop the Bleed and CPR/AED

Develop the skills you need to keep people alive in life or death situations.

A reality we must face on a daily basis is that disaster could strike at any point, leaving us to react quickly in dire situations. Our 4-hour Stop the Bleed, CPR and AED course prepares trainees to react with decisiveness and expertise when the lives of others depend on it.

After course completion, participants will be certified in CPR, AED and Stop the Bleed. 

Stop the Bleeding Training

Every second counts when severe bleeding is occurring. Car crashes, stabbings, shootings, and costly accidents can occur to anyone at any time. This training can help you turn one of these tragedies into a lifesaving rescue.

Trainees can expect to develop a deeper understanding of these lifesaving topics:

  • Applying tourniquets correctly to stop severe bleeding
  • Packing serious wounds to limit blood loss
  • Mindset in life or death situations

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CPR/ AED Training

You never know when a situation might arise in which CPR or an AED could save someone’s life. Rather than hopelessly waiting for an ambulance to arrive and hopefully resuscitate a patient, our training will empower you to step in and provide the care they need to stay alive.

The CPR/ AED portion of our Emergency Casualty Care Course Focuses on these key concepts:

  • Recognizing life threatening situations
  • Performing CPR compressions to keep oxygen flowing to vital organs
  • Defibrillator operation to restore the heart’s normal rhythm


Learn how to react effectively directly from the experts.
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