Student Course Evaluation

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Student Course Evaluation
* Please rate the following questions on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the lowest (poor), 5 being the highest (great), based on your experience.
Course materials were presented and reflected the course objectives, procedures and requirements. *
Safety rules and regulations were presented and followed. *
Course materials and supplies were appropriate. *
The instruction that included hands-on training was appropriate. *
The course met your objectives and expectations. *
Instructors knowledge on topics was sufficient. *
Classroom and training facilities were adequately equipped. *
Classroom and training facilities were well maintained. *
Good work habits, ethics, and team work were included in this instruction. *
Class began and ended on schedule. *
Schedule of instruction was well planned. *
Time was available to give students individual assistance when needed. *
Students were given time to ask question; answered properly. *
Weapons and equipment were properly maintained and adequate. *
Courses of fire met your expectations. *
Ease of booking this course online was adequate and informative. *
I would recommend this class to my friends and family. *